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A Partnership 3 Decades
in the making

Our Story

Stan Furst who is prominent in the financial services arena owned and sold what was among the oldest and largest independent financial services companies in the United States. After being on the sideline, Stan realized that there is more than golf, travel, fine wine and great food.

On a vacation continents and thousands of miles away from the US, Stan and Ken re-connected in a stunning coincidence. The conversation flowed and the idea of wouldn’t it be fun and exciting to work together.

Thus was born JB Commercial Funding LLC in a partnership with Ken Baris the CEO/President of Jordan Baris, Inc. Realtors Real Living and Stan Furst who have known and respected one another for over 30 years as well as conducted much business together.

No company is great without a great team and Stan invited his friend of many years Bob Beller who is the Senior Managing Director. Bob is a former Assistant United States Attorney and graduate of Harvard University and the University of Virginia School of Law. Bob has a tremendous and varied background in financial services, mortgage banking, sales, risk management, and legal and compliance matters.

Essentially Stan, Ken and Bob came together as three competent, knowledgeable and energized individuals excited to bring their cumulative strength to build a client first organization.

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